Headspin announced as gold partner for Testing Talks Online!

Headspin announced as gold partner for Testing Talks Online!

Friday 20th November 2020

Proud to announce HeadSpin as a gold partner for Testing Talks Online!

When we established Testing Talks Conference last year, HeadSpin was the first company to support our vision for creating more fun events for the testing community to learn, share and have fun together.

HeadSpin allows customers to test mobile apps on real devices on real networks providing incredible performance insights for development teams. HeadSpin automatically takes performance data from all sessions and uses machine learning to proactively highlight issues for developers to speed up their development timelines and change their app from good to great.

What amazed me though as a tester is the HeadSpin platform gives its customers access to thousands of real devices and endpoints across 100+ locations in more than 70+ countries around the world. Allowing customers to test their software (manually or with automation) on any combination of operating systems, devices, and network configurations.

HeadSpin is passionate about sponsoring local #technology community initiatives.