Aram Kocharyan

  • Aram Kocharyan

    Software Engineer

    Aram is a Software Engineer at Facebook working in the Bay Area of San Francisco. He started his career in Melbourne at a startup he built with uni friends creating a platform to revolutionize city planning and urban development (, utilizing Java, WebGL, and Meteor among other technologies.

    Later he worked at Odecee, an enterprise software consultancy where he began working on Java services for loan applications at NAB. Later he joined a cross-functional team at Tabcorp focused on rebuilding two large in-house applications using Angular for the user interface and Node.js for APIs. While there he helped build the security and developer infrastructure, manage the front-end teams, built up CI for the projects, and supported the automation testing effort.

    These days he focuses on front-end engineering in the developer infrastructure organization at Facebook working on tools to improve the performance of products and resolve hard to find defects.

    In his spare time, he likes hiking around the US and trying out the many outdoor activities a developer isn't usually exposed to so he can keep something resembling a balanced lifestyle.