Basarat Syed

  • Basarat Syed

    Principal Developer

    BAS (Basarat Ali Syed) is a Principal Developer at SEEK. He started his career in the Telecom Industry working on automating manual maintenance tasks over telnet by providing a unified desktop user interface to network hardware by different providers. From here he learnt his love of UI programming and quickly moved to web development.

    He was an early defendant of Node and authored a book on the subject (Beginning Node by Apress). Being active on the web community he noticed the opportunity offered by TypeScript at its release in 2012 and jumped on helping people get up to speed using StackOverflow and a very popular open source book (TypeScript Deep Dive). He also authored TypeScript tools for a number of development environments (Atom-TypeScript, GruntTs) and created the umbrella organization called TypeStrong for open source efforts around TypeScript that hosts his projects as well as TS-Loader (for Webpack), TS-Node (for Node), TSify (for browserify) and TypeDoc (Typescript API documentation generator). He also actively contributed as a member of the DefinitelyTyped organization which maintains TypeScript type definitions for open source JavaScript projects like JQuery, React etc. He also built his own IDE focused on TypeScript development (ALM Tools) and is working on another one focused on React Development (

    He also maintains a YouTube channel ( and has authored a number of video courses on TypeScript and React on egghead.

    Due to his contributions to the community he has been awarded multiple Microsoft MVP awards and is a Cypress (testing framework) ambassador. You can find his current activities over at