Cameron Bradley

  • Cameron Bradley

    Enterprise QA Practice Lead

    I began my career as a software engineer working across iOS and Web. During this time I discovered a passion for ensuring what we develop is being delivered with quality and speed to our customers. I followed this passion and shifted my career to focus on improving the quality function.

    Prior to my current role as Enterprise QA Practice Lead at Tabcorp. I have had the opportunity to work for a diverse range of companies in a variety of hands-on technical testing roles. I joined Tabcorp as a consultant lead automation engineer in 2016 and was able to transform our project team's approach to quality assurance and test automation. Our team went on to deliver a large-scale retail project with quality. Following the success of this project, I was offered the newly established position at Tabcorp to Lead QA across all of Digital Melbourne.

    The wider Digital Melbourne team went on to see a rapid QA transformation over a short period. The team developed and implemented a consistent definition of done. We standardised our automation approach across projects and introduced cross-platform mock servers as part of the way we deliver and test our work. We also championed a strong culture of automation in CI on all code commits and vocally supported continuous improvements in our DevOps practices.

    The success of the above endeavours and the introduction of various other QA best practices led to my next role in the now merged Tabcorp (& former Tatts Group) company and our continued success across Lotteries and Keno culminated in my promotion to the Enterprise QA Practice Lead role at Tabcorp.