Kelly Wason

  • Kelly Wason

    Principal QA

    Kelly has worked in the software testing industry for over 17 years. She has had the opportunity to work with high profile companies on a range of projects from small startups through to multimillion-dollar systems. This has given her extensive experience in understanding the various development, testing and DevOps needs for a business and therefore provide various means to select the best processes and tools required to best suit the team.

    In her current role as Principal QA for Transpire, she continues to drive test automation and project governance across the business, through sharing experiences and driving the processes within. During the last few years, she has been concentrating on native iOS and Android apps, working with a range of tools such as XCUITest, Espresso as well as API testing frameworks using Mocha has allowed her to garner a deeper understanding of the technologies to determine the best solution for a product’s needs.

    She understands that not all projects are the same and not all companies are the same. That is why she feels the need for personalised solutions which satisfies a specific requirement and the expertise of the team.

    Kelly strongly believes testing cannot be a person’s responsibility. It’s about understanding the skills of the team and choosing a solution that best fits. This and incorporating CI/CD best practices as a team, ensures collaboration and shared responsibility within the team.

    With a current focus on working to improve end to end CI/CD solutions with development teams, Kelly continues to familiarise and up-skill to recognise the best Quality Assurance solutions for her and her team.