Rohan Singh

  • Rohan Singh

    Director of Automation Engineering APAC

    Rohan is a Director of Customer Automation Engineering at Headspin working to on-board and support customers around the APAC region. He is based out of Melbourne. He started his career at Telstra at the submarine cable exchange (see picture) in Paddington and loves all things network, automation and software.

    In his spare time, he loves working with tech and has published his own app on iOS and Android using Flutter. He has built projects on Google Cloud and AWS using a range of technologies and is a Google Cloud Certified Architect.

    Recently, he moved to Headspin, a Silicon Valley startup which focuses on pinpointing application performance issues and fixes for mobile and web apps. With a strong day to day focus on automation through Appium, he has become a major advocate for the framework and loves how easy it is to pick up and use.

    In his spare time he likes hiking, cooking, reading and learning about the world.