Stephen Townshend

  • Stephen Townshend

    Performance Engineer

    Stephen is a performance specialist based in Auckland, New Zealand. He worked as an external consultant for a decade, and now works internally for IAG as a performance specialist.

    Stephen has a passion for doing the basics of performance testing and engineering well, which he explores in his YouTube series "Performance Time" and in blog posts. He also regularly presents and contributes to international events such as Neotys PAC, WOPR, and PerfGuild.

    In the last year Stephen has become an advocate of DevOps principles and practices, and has been gradually adjusting his mindset and ways of working as a result. This has been an interesting journey full of challenges and complexities that are still being worked through every day.

    In his spare time Stephen enjoys baking sourdough bread, which is a challenging hobby given he is on a keto/low carb diet.