Anne-Marie Charrett

  • Anne-Marie Charrett

    Director of Engineering

    Anne-Marie Charrett is a renowned leader in engineering, with key roles at Culture Amp and Tyro Payments, alongside her consultancy work. With over two decades of experience, she's a sought-after speaker, acclaimed author, and expert trainer in engineering leadership.

    Her "Quality Coach Book" showcases her thought leadership in quality engineering. Anne-Marie received the EuroSTAR Software Testing Excellence Award in 2022 and her team won the Best Team Award from LambdaTest in 2023.

    As a former lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, Anne-Marie has shared her expertise with future engineering professionals. She co-founded Speak Easy Diversity in 2014, promoting diversity at tech conferences.

    Anne-Marie Charrett, currently at Telstra as Group Owner DX Test & Automation, is highly respected in engineering for her leadership, agile skills, and commitment to diversity and education.