Ben Cooney

  • Ben Cooney

    Senior Engineer

    Ben Cooney has spent 15 years in the tech industry. As a cross-functional, passionate maker and breaker, polyglot he has worked across every aspect of the software development process from leadership, building, testing and into production ownership.

    Taking lessons from lean start-ups and implementing in teams within large financial enterprises. By focusing on autonomous team processes, automated everything, and cross-functionality. Ben has spent his career building both the technology and culture for teams to build, test and release at speed.

    Currently working at NAB. Ben lead the Quality Assurance practices used for the bank’s microservices, architected and implemented NAB’s first CI/CD pipeline, converted the deployment process from quarterly to multi-day, and retrained the team’s tester workforce into programmers, automation specialists and security aware hackers. In his latest role Ben is overhauling the enterprise, converting teams to cloud technology as the Training Team Lead and Senior DevOps Consultant in the infamous NAB Cloud Guild.