Dylan Lacey

  • Dylan Lacey

    Frontend Performance Engineer

    G'day! I'm Dylan, and I love to solve problems, help people, hold opinions, make things, and the Oxford Comma. Usually I do this with computers, although sometimes a kitchen and, on one memorable occasion, 120'000 bees.

    I've been Engineering the Softwares for over 13 years; My very first job as a baby engineer had me setting up a Selenium grid and bullying browsers into submission. I've build an Uber competitor (it failed), multiple teams (they didn't), and a dozen or so Open Source projects (they're... mixed.). Oh, and did I mention the bees?

    For the past 7 years I've been fixing Appium problems, dispensing Selenium advice and resetting passwords at Sauce Labs. As the Manager of Developer Relations, I love working to help developers provide digital confidence to their companies and customers. Say hi! (There won't be any bees. I might talk about Ruby extensively though...)