Jithesh Pothera

Jithesh Pothera - Test Automation Engineer

"What a day at the #TestingTalks2019. Insightful and interesting talks on various topics related to #testing. Proud to have won the prize for Bug hunt!!! Thanks Cameron Bradley and team."

Dr Tafline Ramos

Dr Tafline Ramos - Global Practice Director of Quality

"Loving the practical and amazingly successful live demos of various automation tools and frameworks at the #testingtalks2019 conference in Melbourne!"

Phuong Mai Nguyen

Phuong Mai Nguyen - Consultant Developer

"Great talks, great food and awesome vibe at #testingtalks2019"

Ramandeep Kaur

Ramandeep Kaur - Senior Quality Analyst

"Testing Talks Conference!! Such an amazing opportunity to be a part of it with practical takeaways to apply at workplace !! Kudos to the organisers and speakers.. #testing_talks #testing #testingtools"

 Arun Sivasubramaniyan

Arun Sivasubramaniyan - Software Engineer

"What a great joy to be presenting at Testing Talks 2019 about #puppeteer we use at carsales.com.au to a very enthusiastic audience of #qa, #devs, #businessanalysts and more!! Great job Cameron Bradley organising this event, excellent talks and fantastic food too haha! "

Priyanka Patankar

Priyanka Patankar - Quality Analyst

"What a great experience!! Attending Testing Talks #testingtalks2019 conference today! Thanks Andrew Morrison for the opportunity and great job Cameron Bradley organising such an amazing conference."

Sakina Abedi

Sakina Abedi - QA Analyst

"When you finally meet your mentor in person, after all those chats! Congratulations! What an insightful conference! Looking forward to many more! #TestingTalks2019 Cameron Bradley"

Tom Saunders

Tom Saunders - Principle Consultant

"Fantastic day so far at the Testing Talks Conference 2019. It's great speaking with such a diverse group of companies and people, discussing all things testing! Excited for the guest speakers this afternoon! #testingtalks2019"

Michelle Munden

Michelle Munden - Talent Acquisition Partner

"Great fun with the Tabcorp team at Testing Talks today! Shout out to Cameron Bradley you did an amazing job!"

Kanika Pandey

Kanika Pandey - Head of APAC

"Cameron Bradley has raised the bar very high with Testing Talks conference and we absolutely loved being a part of it. Thanks Cam! Well done. #TestingTalks2019"

Devinder Singh

Devinder Singh - Senior Quality Analyst

"Testing Talks Conference was a big hit today #big #hit #testing #kudos to #Cameron Bradley and the team in putting up a world class testing #conference."

Jet Liu

Jet Liu - QA Practice Lead

"An amazing day might look like: * Presenting in front of 200 professionals * Sharing some of our success at UniSuper in our tech transformation journey * Learning from the gurus in the industry * Hanging out with colleagues and friends! I had an amazing day!! #TestingTalks2019 #Unisuper #conferences"

Natasha Simitci

Natasha Simitci - Account Executive

"Jet Liu, very engaging talk on Infrastructure and Environment Testing! #TestingTalks #Kudos"

Alfred Glickman

Alfred Glickman - Full-Stack Software Engineer

"Really insightful and in-depth presentation on the various front end testing frameworks at Testing Talks conference by Aram Kocharyan!"

Thomas Foreman

Thomas Foreman - Principle - AI, ML & Cognitive Automation

"Looking forward to some interesting talks today at #testingtalks2019 on #UIautomation #testing #puppeteer #agile #CICD #QAtesting"

Aswin Golla

Aswin Golla - Senior Automation Engineer

"Amazing conference in 2019! 1. Panel 2 Workshops 6 Talks 200+ Attendees 2. Well engaged audience 3. Learning and sharing the best practices from each other 4. Showcase the success stories 5. Key takeaways to participants to initiate at work #testingtalksconference2019 #qa #tabcorp"

Vikas Joshi

Vikas Joshi - Test Automation Engineer

"Collect STAG stickers at Testing Talks 2019 an event very well organised ! Cheers Cameron Bradley & team ! Software Test Automation Group [STAG] proud promoter of #TestingTalks2019 - good food & food-for-thought! "

Kanika Pandey

Kanika Pandey - Head of APAC

"Amongst the many things different about this event was the careful due diligence of food, speaker selection and validation that their topic has good content along with nice games to ensure all sponsors get their ROI."

Sakina Abedi

Sakina Abedi - QA Analyst

"Feeling so empowered yet again by yet another initiative taken by Cameron Bradley to keep the testing community connected, informed and excited! Can’t thank you enough! Very insightful webinar, learnt so many new things!"

Lisa Pfitzner

Lisa Pfitzner - Testing & QA Recruitment

"Just wanted to say how awesome that webinar was! I learned so much today, my mind is running 300mph especially in regards to different processes and approaches to test automation and CI. Thank you so much for putting this on! Can't wait for the next one!!!"

Lee Hawkins

Lee Hawkins - Director of Software Craft

"Really enjoyed the Testing Talks Online session today, well done on getting that going. The format worked unusually well, I'm generally not a fan of panels, but having Angie leading the main points and cutting to comments from the panel panned out well."

Syed Sabah Hassan

Syed Sabah Hassan - Test Automation Architect

"Thanks to TestingTalksOnline and Applitools for selecting me as the winner of Testing Talks Online Game – a welcome surprise during lockdown! It was really an awesome learning experience, and I’d encourage my teammates to attend the next Testing Talks event."

Shashi Kumar

Shashi Kumar - Associate at Morgan Stanley

"Thank you so much. Good takeaway from the session today."

Manoj Kumar Kumar

Manoj Kumar Kumar - Principal Consultant

"Hello Team! Very well organised. Nice work on the event!"

GurpreetSingh Tuteja

GurpreetSingh Tuteja - Chief Executive Officer

"Great initiative Cameron Bradley."

Lee Hawkins

Lee Hawkins - Director of Software Craft

"A great 90mins. Some excellent storytelling from the panel and nicely facilitated by Cameron Bradley. Thanks to all of the panel members for their open, honest and informative contributions. Feeling lucky to have also won a prize! "

Cheryl Downes

Cheryl Downes - Lead QA

"Really enjoyed listening and learning from the panel and the great questions from the attendees."

Devinder Singh

Devinder Singh - Senior Quality Analyst

"Thanks Cameron for the invitation. Was an excellent online event."

Dean Cornish

Dean Cornish - Principle Consultantwas an absolute blast from start to finish

"An absolute blast from start to finish. You're a great organiser and you're what the testing community of Melbourne needed so desperately."