Deepika Nagaraja

  • Deepika Nagaraja

    Quality Manager

    With 14 years immersed in Quality and Testing, Deepika brings a distinctive mix of tech expertise, interpersonal skills, and unwavering commitment to quality. This fusion effortlessly bridges strategic vision with day-to-day operations, enhancing efficiency across development and quality realms.

    Coaching and leading by example is her 'way of working'. With a deep understanding of the value that QA brings to the table, she is committed to elevating the perception and importance of QA within her organization and the broader industry. As a Quality Manager at REA, Deepika focuses to create an environment where QA professionals can thrive and excel by providing access to new career pathway, frameworks.

    With a solid history of nurturing high-performance cultures, introducing innovative work approaches, and empowering teams, Deepika plays a central role in guiding them toward accomplishing overarching company goals.